Monday, February 10, 2014

Synthmaster and Alternate Tuning (Scala) support

It's fantastic to see alternate tuning support already in Synthmaster, but a couple of small enhancements would make it far more usable.

Number one, there needs to be a master tuning control that pitches the entire instrument up and down by semitones (or whatever units the currently loaded Scala file uses), and also a fine tune control. There's already a fine tune control, so a scale unit control would be easy to add, I would think. Here's how it's handled in Zebra:

Also, for some equal temperament Scala files like 5-TET, it seems like Synthmaster pitches the entire tuning way too high. A way to set the "scala center" would be extremely useful, like we see in the Sforzando plugin:

And while we're on the subject of tuning, I find Synthmaster's individual oscillator tuning controls very difficult to work with - is there really no way to make the units snap to semitones? It's fiddly to get the oscillators tuned just right.

(These are quibbles - I still love the hell out of this plugin!)

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